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Usage (11)
  • Is there a list of shortcuts or hotkeys?
  • Can I compare my current schedule to a previous schedule?
  • How can I create relationships graphically?
  • Can I create a schedule that uses multiple calendars?
  • Can I create custom calendars in Phoenix?
  • Can Phoenix schedule in hours?
  • Can I level resources in Phoenix?
  • Can I import or export resources?
  • Can I import data from Excel?
  • Can I export data to excel?
Technical & Installation (6)
  • Is the trial version full featured?
  • When I install on a Mac I get an error that says "Phoenix can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer." What's up with that?
  • What database does Phoenix Project Manager use?
  • Can I extend my trial version?
  • Where is my product key?
  • I forgot my log in info, What do I do?