Workstream Management for Early Delivery

Why did my project’s end date move?

Which tasks are behind schedule right now?

Where are we ahead of schedule today?

If you have asked yourself these questions about your project schedule, you’re not using Phoenix Project Manager and WorkStreams to manage your project.

The Phoenix WorkStream process helps you to:

  • See exactly how pieces of your schedule relate to one another
  • See which tasks are ahead, behind, or on schedule
  • Follow the critical path through the whole project
  • See what the current status does to your end date, and which activities are affecting it
  • Follow the relationship between different parts of the schedule through the project
  • Communicate all of the above to your project team with a single schedule

Until now, the schedule has more often than not been a liability, rather than a tool that everyone on the project can use and understand. Take back the Project Plan!

A schedule that is difficult to use, understand, and communicate won’t help you meet your objectives. Download our white paper that discusses how the Phoenix WorkStream process can help facilitate early delivery of your project.

Phoenix WorkStream White Paper (3475 downloads)




You can also download an example WorkStream Network Diagram, to see how a Real Schedule looks.

Example Network Diagram (2998 downloads)

Bar Chart and WorkStream Network Diagram

Status-on-Current (P6) and Status-on-Master in Phoenix