What’s New in Phoenix 4.8

Phoenix 4.8 is a large maintenance and feature release that incorporates many new features and fixes.


A powerful, new Timescaled Graph Builder has been added. Using it you can create histograms and curves of almost any data your schedule contains including resource, cost, and durations. We’ve also included the ability to export all the graph data as an Excel spreadsheet. You can even build custom graphs from any column data. We are excited to see what you can come up with. This feature replaces and extends the functionality which was found in the Resource Utilization Graph.

Greatly improved Microsoft Project XML import and export. Summary tasks now import from Project as Activity Codes (and vice versa).

Feature Preview: We’ve added the ability to send P3 and Suretrak schedules to a conversion server for remote importing. This means importing your legacy schedules will now work on modern versions of Windows and even on Phoenix for Mac OS X. This feature is currently in beta.

Detailed List

  • Feature: Add Calculations dialog to configure the way certain fields are computed. For now only Cost to Date is included but more options will be added going forward.
  • Feature: Add Completed Finish column to get in-progress completed work date (useful for graphing actual data fields).
  • Feature: Add Remaining Current Start, Remaining Early Start, and Remaining Late Start columns to get in-progress unfinished work date (useful for graphing remaining data fields).
  • Feature: Add an option to export cost information as a Lump Sum resource in XER files.
  • Enhancement: When generating short names for XER activities codes try to use the name up to the first non-alphanumeric character (e.g., “BLK” for “BLK – Blank”).
  • Enhancement: Make comparisons use uniquely generated colors by default.
  • Enhancement: Make the keyboard Insert button insert an unrelated activity.
  • Enhancement: Relax restriction on changing Remaining Duration for unstarted activities.
  • Enhancement: Build Activity Code structure from MS XML outline activities.
  • Enhancement: Clean up old auto-save files.
  • Enhancement: Always use compression to limit the size of auto-saves.
  • Enhancement: More resilient error handling while opening projects.
  • Enhancement: Faster opening of Phoenix projects.
  • Enhancement: Speed up drawing program-wide.
  • Enhancement: Wider calendar selector.
  • Change: Relaxed restriction on Remaining Duration for Hammocks.
  • Change: Provide option to add Phoenix shortcut to Desktop in Windows installer.
  • Change: Take into account the data date while determining Actual Duration. Actual Duration no longer draws passed the Data Date in Retained Logic.
  • Fixed: Properly handle when an activity code has been deleted but a filter criteria based on the code remains.
  • Fixed: More robust handling of errors during file saving.
  • Fixed: Use end-date style date formatting for finish constraint dates in XER export.
  • Fixed: Don’t export lump sum activities to UNIT SDEF record.
  • Fixed: Use correct calendars for activities while importing from MS XML.
  • Fixed: Convert legacy character encoding of XER files to Unicode while importing.
  • Fixed: Fix unusual behavior of radio buttons in Scheduling Options dialog.
  • Fixed: Don’t attempt to calculate As Late As Possible dates for completed activities.
  • Fixed: Don’t attempt to calculate As Late As Possible activities forever if there is a logical loop.
  • Fixed: More robust error handling and faster execution while saving relationships.
  • Fixed: Don’t draw hidden timescale tiers on printouts.
  • Fixed: Better handling of multiple blank activity codes during XER import.
  • Fixed: More thorough handling of unicode text throughout program.
  • Fixed: Fix reports which made use of percent complete for filtering.
  • Fixed: Better handling of fractional cents.
  • Fixed: Rare problem with calculating dates of As Late As Possible constrained activities.
  • Fixed: Rolled up Remaining Duration column cells would sometimes be off by one.
  • Fixed: P3 import calendar month definitions would sometimes be off by one.
  • Fixed: Accept negative resource amounts.
  • Fixed: Many miscellaneous other fixes.