What’s New in Phoenix 4.8.10


  • The scheduler has been recreated from the ground up to be significantly faster and more correct in unusual situations
  • Support for selecting which calendar to use for lag calculations
  • The Timescaled Graph Builder now supports displaying maximums for resource graphs
  • Several improvements to MPX and Microsoft Project XML importing
  • You can now configure whether or not to show sightlines and non-working days in the timescaled graph region
  • Significant speed ups while saving and loading projects
  • Added Resources column with Fill Cell and sorting support
  • Added Clear Cells to the right click menu for columns where it would make sense
  • Activity Codes can now be moved up and down in the Code Library


  • Toggling visibility of an Activity Code when only one was displayed wouldn’t take effect
  • Use comparison match setting (Id or UUID) for variance columns
  • Fixed loading of Microsoft Project XML files with non-number WBSLevel
  • Fixed issue with Start to Start scheduling across differing calendars
  • Fixed an issue with the scheduling of Interruptible activities
  • Fixed problem with the rendering of Finish to Finish relationships on zero duration activities
  • Fixed jump to start of schedule when using On Schedule
  • Prevent users from typing in very big, obviously wrong durations which would cause dates outside the supported date range (1400 AD to 9999 AD)
  • Correct column sizing in predecessor/successor window on high DPI displays
  • Delete left over lock files on crash (MacOS only issue)
  • Hours Per Day text box wasn’t disabled when editing a non-hourly resource
  • Better handling of Code Values with duplicate descriptions when importing and merging a multi-project XER file
  • Fixed crash when importing Microsoft Project XML with empty outline name
  • Fixed a clearing Fill Cell command for Constraint Type
  • Truncate a few XER fields that don’t support unlimited length while exporting
  • Fixed crash when pressing Move Up/Down in Format Columns if no column item was selected

Tweaks and improvements

  • Predecessor and successor windows now remember columns sizes
  • Improved lump sum resource generation/importing
  • New progress dialog created to avoid issues with windows popping up behind other windows and other issues.
  • Much faster updating of Activity Editor (improves overall workflow).
  • Allow users with Btrieve to use conversion server and make use of conversion server on by default (avoids crash in Btrieve database some users would experience trying to do a local conversion)
  • Broke up Timescaled Graph creator dialog so that it fits on smaller displays.
  • Hammocks are now updated more completing during scheduling (actuals and remaining duration are set automatically now)
  • Made Renumber dialog preview significantly faster
  • Endpoints now use completed bar color when endpoint is actual
  • Outline of non-working days are darker by default for new projects to improve visibility
  • Added Open Anyway option to the File Locked dialog box
  • Significantly reduced the memory usage while saving a project
  • Handle for stretching columns is now easier to grab

Phoenix 4.8.11 hotfix

Phoenix 4.8.11 fixes several issues that were reported in 4.8.10 including Cost Accounts being hidden unless you resize the window, a fix for a crash that could sometimes occur while pasting activities between schedules, and improved scheduling of when actual dates occur after the data date.

Phoenix 4.8.12 hotfix

Phoenix 4.8.12 fixes a rare crash that could occur and brings Phoenix on macOS up to date with the latest version on Windows.

Note: This update requires macOS 10.14.

Phoenix 4.8.13 hotfix

Phoenix 4.8.13 hotfix fixes a crash when exporting to SDEF.

Phoenix 4.8.14 hotfix

  • Fix crash that was reported
  • Fix issue preventing the editing of bar text
  • Hammocks won’t affect the float calculations of their predecessors
  • Adds thousands separators to currency values so they are easier to read
  • Better handling of situation where actual dates are after the data date
  • Fixes an issue where the spellcheck dictionaries and report templates where installed in the wrong folder
  • Improves handling of MS XML export UIDs.