What’s New in Phoenix 4.8.1

Phoenix 4.8.1 is a regular maintenance and feature release that incorporates several fixes and feature additions.


Bulk importing for P3 and SureTrak schedules. Many users of Phoenix are migrating from legacy software but have a lot of projects they need to import. We’ve made it easy to get everything into Phoenix projects. You can import roughly 30 moderately sized schedules per minute when using the conversion server (and over 500 per minute when doing a local import!).

Initial support for importing and exporting of resources with XER files. Because Phoenix resources are designed to be easier to use not everything can match when importing and exporting resources. Use Help > Send Feedback to let us know how it is working for you and what you are looking forward to us supporting in the future.

Detailed List

  • Enhancement: The exported non-working repeating-forever calendar day definitions range for XER files is three times as big. Non-working day definitions which aren’t repeating-forever are always included even if they fall outside the range.
  • Enhancement: Much faster loop-checking.
  • Enhancement: You can now specify whether remaining and original durations are linked for unstarted activities in XER exports.
  • Enhancement: You can now rearrange the available filters list.
  • Enhancement: Increased the speed of XER imports further (roughly 1 second for a 5000 activity schedule).
  • Enhancement: Renumbering while in Network Diagram now uses a top-left to bottom-right network ordering instead of just using the Barchart ordering.
  • Changed: Include the default filters in projects imported from P3/SureTrak.
  • Changed: Hammocks no longer have logic retaining relationships generated.
  • Changed: Actual dates now override calculated dates for Hammocks.
  • Changed: Changing a finish date in the activity editor for an in-progress activity now updates the Remaining Duration.
  • Fixed: Importing layouts or storepoints from a schedule which is open in another instance of Phoenix now works.
  • Fixed: Old projects with resource columns now open correctly.
  • Fixed: Sorting by Actual Duration now works correctly.
  • Fixed: Activity code assignments imported from XER files were not coming in properly.
  • Fixed: Right side footer logos are working again.
  • Fixed: Bar text is now draw on a white background again for legibility.
  • Fixed: Pasted activities now always bring along their codes even if a code with that name already exists.
  • Fixed: Creating storepoints could sometimes cause a program shutdown when comparisons were being used.
  • Fixed: Extremely rare bug that could occur only when all columns were deleted and all codes were hidden.
  • Fixed: Update on schedule now sets Actual Duration as expected rather than requiring a reschedule to update it.