What’s New in Phoenix 4.5.8

Phoenix 4.5.8 is a regular maintenance and feature release that incorporates several fixes and feature additions.


An As Late As Possible constraint type has been added. As Late As Possible constraints will push any activity out as far as it can go without affecting its successors.

Cost To Complete column has been added.

Send Feedback has been added to the Help menu to make it easy to send your questions, ideas, or issues about Phoenix. You can send application logs and schedules along with your message.

Detailed List

  • Enhancement: Both Activity Codes and WBS are imported from XER files instead of just one or the other.
  • Enhancement: Opening a project is now faster and uses less memory.
  • Fixed: Sporadic crash when changing Page Layout or Page Setup from within the Print Preview screen.
  • Fixed: Properly draw timescale on multipage width printouts.
  • Fixed: A problem that prevented Phoenix from staying activated in some rare situations.
  • Fixed: Ignore empty Activity Code values.
  • Fixed: Percents in User Defined Fields were displayed as 100 times larger than they should be in the columns.
  • Fixed: Rare crashes that could occur with schedules imported from XER files.
  • Fixed: WBS assignments from P3/Suretrak imports now use the full WBS chain rather than just the final WBS node.
  • Fixed: Internet Activations can still occur even if an ISP has amended the HTTP response from the Activation Server in-flight (very rare).
  • Fixed: Application logs now always use the process name in the filename.
  • Fixed: Better logging of project save failures.
  • Fixed: Better logging of activation failures.
  • Fixed: Recreate activation data if a problem is detected.
  • Fixed: Better handle calendars with no name or duplicate names during P3/Suretrak import.
  • Fixed: Ignore relationships to non-existent activities in MPX and MSXML imports.
  • Fixed (Mac OS X only): Page Setup and Page Layout now work as expected from the Print Preview.

Update (2014-Jul-21): We’ve released to address some minor, rare issues. This is not a critical update.