What’s New in Phoenix 4.5.7

Phoenix 4.5.7 is a regular maintenance and feature release that incorporates several fixes and feature additions.


Renumber is now much more powerful. Choose to either renumber all activities or just the selected activities. Enter a template id to base the renumbering upon allowing you to quickly add or change prefixes and suffixes to your ids.

Activity Code XER Import/Export is now fully implemented.

Detailed List

  • Enhancement: Reorganized Format Columns to better fit low resolution displays.
  • Enhancement: Group By Activity Codes auto-layout for Network Diagram now generates more compact, useful layouts.
  • Enhancement: Import/Export Physical Percent Complete in XER files.
  • Enhancement: Added a tip to Code Library to explain where you can reorder the code display order.
  • Enhancement: Added example Lookahead filter to the default filters added to new schedules.
  • Enhancement: Don’t mark Hammocks as critical.
  • Fixed: Showing hundreds of years on the timescale could cause Phoenix to shut down.
  • Fixed: Update checks were not functioning properly in 4.5.6.
  • Fixed: Don’t set hammock actual dates automatically when remaining duration is zero.
  • Fixed: Network line labels were sometimes not properly aligned.
  • Fixed: Resource allocations would sometimes be made smaller during a save/open cycle.
  • Fixed: Show error message when XER file cannot be written to.
  • Fixed: Ensure activity is visible when selecting next activity.
  • Fixed: Strip hours from imported data dates.
  • Fixed: Use empty fields for XER export when late dates haven’t been calculated.
  • Update: A critical hotfix for activity code value renaming has been released as version
  • Update (Mac OS X only): A hotfix for a program shutdown has been released as version
  • Update (Windows only): A hotfix for missing file has been released as version
  • Update (Mac OS X only): A hotfix for a program shutdown affecting older OS X hardware has been released as version
  • Critical Update (Mac OS X only): A hotfix corruption when saving a compressed schedule has been released as version All OS X users should upgrade immediately.