What’s New in Phoenix 4.5.6

Phoenix 4.5.6 is a regular maintenance and feature release that incorporates several fixes and feature additions.


High DPI Displays are now supported properly throughout Phoenix on Windows (OS X retina support coming soon). This is of particular usefulness with Microsoft Surface tablets where the extremely high resolution would result in small, difficult to use items in the user interface. Now Phoenix scales the user interface so things are roughly the same size regardless of your screen resolution.

Real Zooming is now done in both Barchart and Network Diagram views. Prior to this if you zoomed in or out in Barchart view only the timescale would be affected. Now when you zoom in and out the entire columns and activity diagram are zoomed too. Network Diagram is also scaled uniformly whereas before it would only scale certain parts of the activity diagram. You can still stretch the timescale independently by clicking and dragging it as you could before.

Footer Description Formatting Options have been greatly expanded. You can now change the font, color, horizontal and vertical alignment of the description.

Detailed List

  • Enhancement: Better tolerance of bad activity code numbers from P3/Suretrak imports.
  • Enhancement: Increased drawing speed for columns and activity diagram.
  • Enhancement: Better color select button (Mac OS X only).
  • Enhancement: Faster logging.
  • Enhancement: Various stability improvements.
  • Enhancement: More accurate rendering at the pixel level.
  • Enhancement: Improved rendering of right-aligned column text.
  • Enhancement: Toggle buttons look nicer (OS X only).
  • Fixed: Sort Dialog was not showing current sort.
  • Fixed: Update URL is now properly formatted (Mac OS X only).
  • Fixed: /PRODUCTID= installation option now works on systems that have never had Phoenix installed before (Windows only).
  • Fixed: Improved stability of User Defined Fields editor.

Update: We released to address an issue with scrolling to the bottom of the schedule on high DPI displays that was discovered shortly after the release of 4.5.6.

Update: We released to address an issue with zoomed timescale rendering, a performance regression, and miscellaneous other changes shortly after the release of

Update: We released for Mac OS X only to address an issue with the product version number being incorrect