Phoenix Now Integrates with Acumen Fuse, Risk and 360

Phoenix CPM today announced a new collaboration and integration with Acumen Fuse, Acumen Risk and Acumen 360.  

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The integration of Phoenix Project Manager and the Acumen suite of schedule and risk tools offer a new dimension, simplifying the schedule and risk analysis and risk identification of a construction project plan. Acumen Fuse, Risk and 360 provide the most comprehensive schedule analysis to improve quality, mitigate risk and eliminate project failure. Phoenix CPM and Acumen share the driving principle of early delivery through easy to use innovative tools to help construction professionals control complex projects.

“We are excited to partner and integrate with Acumen to provide our customers access to the most innovative schedule analysis and risk management tool available today. The team at Acumen has developed a unique set of tools and capabilities to simplify analyzing complex projects, managing risk and providing schedule alternatives. This capability connected with the Phoenix WorkStream Network Diagram will help construction organizations deliver the highest quality projects with a focus on delivering early.” Jay Poulsen, Co-Founder of Phoenix Project Management Systems.

“The integration with Phoenix Project Manager allows those interested in the CPM capabilities of Phoenix to still benefit from the Acumen Software Suite,” said Acumen CEO and President Dr. Dan Patterson, “We are pleased to expand our platform to include this integration and excited to further our partnership with Phoenix.”

The integration of Phoenix Project manager and Acumen Fuse, Risk and 360 is now available with the Phoenix 4.0 and the Acumen 4.1 versions.