Changes in Phoenix 4.0.1

Phoenix 4.0.1 is a routine maintenance release to address a few issues that have been found following the Phoenix 4.0.0 release and to add a couple of minor features.


You can now quickly filter the schedule to only show Critical (by Total Float or Longest Path) activities from the View menu.  You can also hide completed activities from the View menu (this replaces the Work Remaining Mode option found in Schedule Options).


Phoenix now installs for all users on Windows. When using the silent installer command line option (/S) Phoenix 3 is left installed.  For users who wish to remove Phoenix 3 when upgrading, a new installer command line option was added (/UNINSTALL3) which will automatically uninstall Phoenix 3 when you install Phoenix 4 in silent mode.


  • A problem with the behavior of progress override and retained logic has been corrected.
  • CSV exports would sometimes use odd characters for activity IDs.
  • Phoenix would shut down unexpectedly if Renumber Activities was run while in Work Remaining Mode.
  • Only the first column of a column type could have its display name and size changed.
  • The user manual and license text was not being located for users that had upgraded from Phoenix 3.
  • Footer logos were not saved with the schedule after reopening a schedule.
  • Miscellaneous changes to printer handling to address program instability while printing or print previewing.