Is there a list of shortcuts or hotkeys?

The list of hotkeys is below:

Create New Project – Ctrl-N
Open Existing Project – Ctrl-O
Open Print Dialog – Ctrl-P

Undo – Ctrl-Z
Redo – Ctrl-Y
Cut – Ctrl-X
Copy – Ctrl-C
Paste – Ctrl-V
Cancel Current Changes – Esc
Save Current Changes – Enter
Delete Currently Selected Activities – Del
Select All – Ctrl-A
Invert Selection – Ctrl-I

Fill Cell – Ctrl-E
Find Activity – Ctrl-Shift-F
Find & Replace Text – Ctrl-F

Link Selected Activites Finish to Start – Ctrl-L
Unlink All Selected Activities – Ctrl-Shift-L

Network Diagram View – Ctrl-D
Barchart View – Ctrl-B

Schedule Now – F2 or F9
Show/Hide Activity Code Assignment Editor – F3
Show/Hide Activity Editor – F4
Show/Hide Predecessor Editor – F5
Show/Hide Successor Editor – F6
Show/Hide Task Notes Editor – F8
Show/Hide Resource Utilization Graph – Ctrl-G
Show/Hide All Relationships – Ctrl-T

Insert Activity with F-S Relationship from Selected Activity – Ctrl-R
Insert Activity with no relationships – Ctrl-U

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