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Is there a list of shortcuts or hotkeys?

The list of hotkeys is below:

Create New Project – Ctrl-N
Open Existing Project – Ctrl-O
Open Print Dialog – Ctrl-P

Undo – Ctrl-Z
Redo – Ctrl-Y
Cut – Ctrl-X
Copy – Ctrl-C
Paste – Ctrl-V
Cancel Current Changes – Esc
Save Current Changes – Enter
Delete Currently Selected Activities – Del
Select All – Ctrl-A
Invert Selection – Ctrl-I

Fill Cell – Ctrl-E
Find Activity – Ctrl-Shift-F
Find & Replace Text – Ctrl-F

Link Selected Activites Finish to Start – Ctrl-L
Unlink All Selected Activities – Ctrl-Shift-L

Network Diagram View – Ctrl-D
Barchart View – Ctrl-B

Schedule Now – F2 or F9
Show/Hide Activity Code Assignment Editor – F3
Show/Hide Activity Editor – F4
Show/Hide Predecessor Editor – F5
Show/Hide Successor Editor – F6
Show/Hide Task Notes Editor – F8
Show/Hide Resource Utilization Graph – Ctrl-G
Show/Hide All Relationships – Ctrl-T

Insert Activity with F-S Relationship from Selected Activity – Ctrl-R
Insert Activity with no relationships – Ctrl-U

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Can I compare my current schedule to a previous schedule?

Yes. In Phoenix you can compare an unlimited number of schedules using Storepoints. Store points are either saved as you go or can be imported from earlier Phoenix files. To compare storepoint go to SCHEDULE > COMPARE STOREPOINTS then the storepoints you would like to compare against. You can change the order and color of the bars as well as description in this window.

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How can I create relationships graphically?

Mouse over either the start of finish of an activity and click and drag to another. For instance if you wanted to creat a Finish to Start relationship you would click and drag from the finish of one activity to the start of another. The cursor is context sensitive so if you click and drag left or right it wil adjust the duration but as soon as you move up or down it will realize you are creating a relationship and will change function. Click here to watch a video that provides an example at the 1:00 minute mark.

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Can I create a schedule that uses multiple calendars?

Yes. Activities in Phoenix can be assigned to different calendars. For example you can have one group of activities that use a 5 day calendar and another group that uses a 6 day calendar.

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Can I create custom calendars in Phoenix?

Yes. You can create calendars with whatever type of work week you need and define working and non-working day’s through-out.

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Can Phoenix schedule in hours?

No, at this time Phoenix only schedules in days.

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Can I level resources in Phoenix?

No, at this time Phoenix does not have a resource leveling feature.

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Can i import data from Excel?

Yes data can be imported from an Excel file. First you will need to save the file as a CSV file. Go to FILE > SAVE AS in Excel and under “save as type” choose CSV (Comma delimited).

In Phoenix go to TOOLS > IMPORT > CSV. You will be asked to match up column information with fields in phoenix and once you are done click OK and your info will be in Phoenix Project Manager.

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Can I export data to excel?

Yes, you can. With a schedule open got to TOOLS > EXPORT> CSV and then click OK and name the file. A CSV (comma separated value)file is a comman file type that is compatible with Excel as well as a number of other programs. Once you have the csv opened in Excel you can save as an Excel file or any other of the number of options they provide.

Another way you can get info into Excel is by going to TOOLS > REPORTS then clicking the save file button. This will save the report as an HTML file which can be opened in your browser or you can right click the file then choose “open with” and choose Excel from a list of programs.

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Technical & Installation (6)

When I install on a Mac I get an error that says “Phoenix can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.” What’s up with that?

Click on the OK button.

Ctrl+click (right click) on the Phoenix 4 and select Open from the context menu.

In the next window click Open and you will be in business. After you do this once you will not have to do it again.

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Is the trial version full featured?

Printing is the only feature that is disabled in the trial version.

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What database does Phoenix Project Manager use?

NONE! Phoenix uses a custom XML file type that saves all of your data in a single file. No need to hassle with installing or maintaining a database and sharing files is easy.

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Can I extend my trial version?

Yes. If your trial version has expired, open Phoenix click the “Activate By Phone” button and email us the request code. We will send you back an activation code and you will be ready to go.

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Where is my product key?

Your product key was sent to you at the time of purchase to the email address you provided. If you cannot locate the email you can log in to your customer dashboard on the phoenixcpm.com website and retrieve you key there.

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I forgot my phoenixcpm.com log in info, What do I do?

When you go to login you can click the “forgot password” link and we will email you to reset it. If you have trouble you can contact us and we will assist you.

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