Easier to use. . .

While the Phoenix interface is familiar, with many of the same features your existing software provides, complex functions have been simplified in order to make common tasks less time consuming.


. . . with Better Results.
Gain increased insight into the status of your project with Status-on-Master view. Communicate your schedule more effectively through the WorkStream Network Diagram. Increase your accuracy and productivity with CPM Checker, Lag-To, and Unlimited Comparisons.


  • Critical Path Method Scheduling Algorithm
  • Calculate Critical Path by Total Float or Longest Path
  • Support for Tasks, Milestones, Flags, Hammocks (Summary Activities)
  • Finish-to-Start, Start-to-Start, Finish-to-Finish, and Start-to-Finish Relationships
  • Retained Logic Relationships
  • Early Start, Finish; Late Start, Finish; Must Start, Finish Constraints
  • Calculate and Display Original Duration, Remaining Duration, Free Float, Total Float, Percent Complete, Early Start, Early Finish, Late Start, Late Finish, Actual Start, Actual Finish, Estimated Start, Estimated Finish
  • Create storepoints to track revisions/updates of a schedule, and create quick comparisons to identify variance
  • CPM Checker to Identify specified Variances: Excessive Float, Excessive Duration, Excessive Lag, Percent of Schedule Critical, Maximum Open Ends, Maximum Constraints


  • Support for scheduling with Multiple Calendars
  • Default 5 Day, 6 Day, 7 Day Calendar
  • Support for custom calendars, holidays, recurring non-works, exceptions


  • Unlimited Activity Codes and Values for Organization
  • Define Colors/Fonts for Activity Codes
  • Enable/Disable Organization by Code and add new Values via Activity Code Toolbar
  • Sort by Start Date, Finish Date, Activity ID, or Description

Cost & Resources

  • Track fixed costs per activity with the Cost Account System
  • Define and Assign Resources to Tasks with Resource Costs
  • Resource Allocation Graphs to identify over/under Allocations and Usage


  • Save Multiple Layouts in a Project File, Load, Create, Copy via Layout Management
  • Complete filter system, create custom filters and combine multiple filters in a view
  • Customize Columns Visible, Row Height, Sightlines, Bars, Date Formats
  • Save comparisons and storepoint views

Network Diagram

  • View your project as a time-scaled network diagram to plot a complex project on a single printout
  • Compress your schedule vertically, and arrange tasks in logical groupings by assigning multiple tasks to a line


  • Update mode highlights activities that fall between existing and proposed data date
  • Update On-Schedule for All Activities or Selected
  • Cancel update to roll-back changes
  • View projected project completion with Status-on-Current
  • View status against your plan with Status-on-Master view


  • Import from Suretrak and P3 Project Groups (Requires P3 or Suretrak Installed)
  • Import and Export to Project MPX and XML
  • Import and Export to P6 XER Files
  • Import and Export to XLS & XLSX
  • Import and Export to CSV
  • Export to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers SDEF format

System Requirements (Windows)

  • Microsoft Windows 8, Surface Pro, Windows 7, WindowsVista, Windows XP Home/Professional/Tablet PC Edition, Windows 2000
  • Intel Celeron/Pentium, AMD K6/Duron/Athlon or better, 800MHz Recommended
  • 512 megabytes (MB) RAM for Windows 2000/XP, 1GB for Windows Vista/Windows 7
  • 30MB of available hard disk space
  • 1024x768 monitor resolution
  • Internet or phone required for product activation

System Requirements (Mac OS X)

  • Mac OS X Version 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or later
  • Intel Core Duo Processor
  • 512 megabytes (MB) RAM
  • 40MB of available hard disk space
  • 1024x768 monitor resolution
  • Internet or phone required for product activation

 Make the Switch Today!

Whether you are using Microsoft Project, Primavera Suretrak, P3, or P6, switching to Phoenix Project Manager is easier than you would expect.