Unlimited Comparisons

With Phoenix Project Manager you are not limited.... and this applies to comparison as well. Most scheduling software will limit the number of schedules that you can compare against each other.  Compare 2,3 or 30 Storepoints to see how you plan may have shifted.  In Phoenix you can compare an unlimited number of schedules!


You can either save storepoints as you go or you can import schedule files into your most current schedule in order to compare data. Yes.... you can have the entire life cycle of your project in ONE SINGLE FILE.


Doing a schedule comparison is simple! In fact so simple it takes less time to do a comparison in Phoenix than it takes to open (restore/import) a schedule in most other applications. There is no need to add columns for different sets of data such as dates, duration or whatever. If you want to see how Total Float has changed, just add a Total Float column. If you want to see how Duration has changed, just add a Duration column.  If there is a column for it you can see how it has changed over time.