Phoenix WorkStreams

As a team member on any project, you are focused on project delivery: meeting project objectives early and keeping control of the project budget. 

But is your project schedule helping you to achieve these goals?

Most project schedules today fail to perform their most fundamental tasks: communicating the project plan effectively to every level of the project team, and identifying activities that are falling behind, enabling a corrective action plan to be implemented.

There are two basic problems with the standard bar chart schedule:

  1. The printout of the bar chart schedule is difficult to read, and following relationships is impractical in a complex schedule.
  2. Current scheduling systems inadequately display status by not transparently displaying which activities are ahead, behind or on schedule.

Print a Bar Chart with a few hundred activities... follow the critical path. Not easy is it?

Phoenix Project Manager’s WorkStream process gives you powerful project management tools that can improve your project delivery by simplifying complex projects into easier to understand WorkStream diagrams, and improving visibility of progress to allow continual monitoring.  Two key WorkSteam features introduced in this paper are:

WorkStream Network Diagram:

  • Grounded in the original intent of scheduling methodology, simplify planning and scheduling by reducing your complex project to an easy to understand diagram, consumable by all project stakeholders.
  • Ideal for complex construction projects where related activities can be developed into cohesive work streams, condensing the logical steps by 40-50%.
  • Visualize how all the project pieces will fit together, focusing on schedule progress and accountability within a stream of work. Identify key work areas to refine your schedule and develop strategies to deliver the project faster.
  • Create a practical schedule that reflects how the project will actually be executed, without losing the detailed data necessary for contract requirements.

Status on Master:

  • Other scheduling systems do not allow team members to quickly identify activities which are ahead of or behind schedule. Because all uncompleted work is simply pushed out to a later date whenever the schedule is updated, it’s impossible to tell delayed work from that which simply starts later.
  • Status on Master allows anybody with a schedule printout to immediately see which activities need attention, without waiting for expert reports and analysis.
  • Gives you the information to communicate to the project team where the schedule is today, and where you will end up.

Phoenix Project Manager and the WorkStream process are designed to improve your project delivery by increasing visibility of project status, and improving your ability to communicate.  WorkStream Network Diagram will help you to understand and communicate to the project team how the whole project fits together, and where you can proactively work to improve project performance to meet your objectives. Status on Master gives you real insight into your current progress on a per-activity basis, allowing you to target those tasks which need immediate action to avoid project delays. Phoenix is introducing the WorkStream process to re-establish the schedule as the management tool for communicating progress and driving project delivery.

Download the white paper and read the full story here:

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