Changes in Phoenix 3.6

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Phoenix Project Manager 3.6 brings many new features and changes. New Features Prior to this version an activity’s Actual Duration reflected the number of working days between an activity’s start and finish. For unstarted activities the name Actual Duration can be confusing. To resolve this we’ve added a new column: Duration At Completion. This column has the same meaning that Actual Duration previously had. Actual Duration has been redefined to mean Duration At Completion minus Remaining Duration which reflects how much work has actually been performed on an activity. Percent Complete in Phoenix 3.0 was calculated based on completion against Original Duration but that calculation can be unhelpful if an activity takes longer than was originally planned. For Phoenix 3.6 we’ve changed Percent Complete to base its calculation off of Duration At Completion. Many schedulers still prefer calculating Percent Complete using Original Duration so we’ve added a new column, Original Percent Complete, which does just that. You can use these to quickly see the progress against both the original plan and the current estimate. You can now display Today and Project Finish sightlines on your schedule and we’ve added more formatting options for all sightlines. You configure them in the Sightlines dialog found the Format menu. We’ve been busy making Phoenix faster than ever. Scheduling is faster (particularly with schedules which have calendars that make heavy use of holidays), importing XER files is nearly twice as fast, and both Gantt and Network Diagram views draw your schedule many times more quickly. This means the user interface is more responsive and updates with changes faster than ever. We’ve also made it easier for system administrators to do mass deployments of Phoenix in their organization by adding a command line option to the installer which lets them specify their organization’s Product Id for Phoenix Project Manager so they only have to provide this in their software deployment tool once rather than rely on sharing the product id with a multitude of users. They can also specify a silent installation using /S. These options can be used like this: Phoenix Setup /S /PRODUCTID=Z4B3-1M0S-HJN2-03LT Changes Because not many people used the feature, we’ve removed the option to flag an activity’s start or finish as Estimated. This allowed us to simplify the interface for setting dates as Actual. Fixes Importing schedules from SureTrak is now tolerant of invalid relationships (no predecessor or successor specified) that SureTrak schedules sometimes have. Fields taking up multiple lines in MPX files are now imported. Project Start and Data Date from a P3 import is now correct. SDEF export more aggressively includes non-working calendar days for the schedule time frame. The float of Finish constrained Finish Milestones has been fixed (it was off by one day). Changing the ID of an activity which has been assigned to Activity Codes no longer causes the program to sometimes prematurely shut down. This update is available for free to all existing Phoenix Project Manager 3 users.   Hotfix Updates: We released shortly after to address a minor issue with creating relationships. We released on July 24 to address a rare situation in which importing Activity Codes without descriptions from an XER are not handled. We released on August 28 to handle a program shutdown that can occur with changing activity IDs (especially using the Renumber Activities...

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Changes in Phoenix 3.0.18

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Phoenix Project Manager 3.0.18 is a minor release that adds a few features and addresses one issue. When you copy and paste Activities in Network Diagram they now retain their relative line numbers. This means that a block of copied activities will stay in the same position relative to one another upon pasting. We’ve also adjusted pasting in Network Diagram so the activities are pasted immediately below the selected activities (or at the bottom of the schedule if no activities are selected). We’ve had requests to allow negative values in budget and cost fields so we’ve removed the requirement that these fields be positive amounts. Based on user feedback we discovered that the program could stop if you used the new Renumber Activities feature introduced in the last update on a schedule with hidden activities (whether through rolled up Activity Codes or through Filters).  Renumber Activities now operates on the schedule as it would appear if no activities were...

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Changes in Phoenix 3.0.17

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Phoenix Project Manager 3.0.17 brings a variety of features and fixes. Ever wish you could change activity ids to match the current display order?  Now you can. Simply select Renumber Activities from the View menu. We’ve also added the option to set the id increment on newly created activities allowing you to change from the default of 10 to any increment your schedule requires. This also works with the aforementioned Renumber Activities feature so you can easily change every activity. You can find the option in Project Info within the File menu. To improve workflow we’ve made it so you can access both the Page Layout and Page Setup dialogs from within Print Preview. Now you can quickly adjust the page layout and printer options and see the results immediately. We’ve also added two new columns you can display on your schedule: the Predecessors column and Successors column. These lets you look up the relationships between activities at a glance taking the guesswork out of determining schedule logic. Finally, we’ve also added formatting options for Network Diagram. Now you can adjust coloring, line sizing, and fonts to make your diagram look exactly how you want. The new options, as with all formatting options, are per layout allowing you to use multiple layouts to have more than one look for you diagram so you can meet multiple display requirements. We’ve also included several fixes for various issues our users have reported: Network Diagram images now respect the timescaling by anchoring to a particular day and line number. Now no matter what size your schedule is the image will stay where you expect it to. For a small subset of users the PDF Printer we included with Phoenix for Windows would cause problems. After careful consideration we’ve decided to remove this feature. Given that several free PDF printer options exist for Windows users we feel that removing the Phoenix PDF printer is the best course of action. Currency fields in CSV files now support having a dollar sign or not. The third party software Sprint SmartView which is used by certain access cards for broadband internet access on the Sprint network has a bug in which it will kill any running processes named “phoenix.exe” every couple of minutes. This would result in Phoenix being closed randomly. We’ve renamed the Phoenix executable to prevent this from happening while get in contact with Sprint to resolve this problem with their software. We hope you enjoy the new features and...

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Construction CPM Conference 2012

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The 2012 Construction CPM conference is coming up soon, from January 21-25, 2012 at the Swan Resort Hotel at Walt Disney World Florida. Phoenix Project Management will be at the show to meet and hear from our customers, and we’d love to see you there. Early bird conference and hotel registration is still available through December 15, 2011, so register now to lock in your discounted rate. Click here to visit the Construction CPM Conference website to learn more about the conference, and register to attend...

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Phoenix Project Manager 3.0.7 Released

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Phoenix Project Manager version 3.0.7 has been released for Windows and Mac OS X. This maintenance release introduces Phoenix Version 3 for Mac OS X, and incorporates improvements to text-rendering in the bar chart, additional filter options for numeric and date fields, new default filters and new and updated reports. Download a 30 day trial, or visit the customer dashboard to download the latest version if you are an existing...

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Constructech asks “What’s Next for Scheduling?”

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In their July/August issue, Constructech Magazine takes a look at the construction industry, and asks what’s next for construction scheduling with the end of P3 and Suretrak. Schedulers and consultants discuss the importance of scheduling, the industry’s reluctance to adopt P6, and options for replacing P3 and Suretrak, including Phoenix Project Manager. Visit the Constructech Website to read more.

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Phoenix Project Manager 3.0.4 Released

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Phoenix Project Manager version 3.0.4 has been released for Windows. This maintenance release addresses system performance, bugfixes for file management and CSV and MPX Import/Export, and improvements to the longest path CPM calculation with multiple calendars. To ensure compatibility with the new OS X Lion, Phoenix 3 for Mac OS is still undergoing testing and development. We hope to announce a release of Phoenix 3 for Mac OS very soon. Download a 30 day trial, or visit the customer dashboard to download the latest version if you are an existing...

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Phoenix Project Manager 3 Released

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Phoenix is excited to announce the release and immediate availability of Phoenix Project Manager Version 3.0. The newest Version of Phoenix Project Manager is based on customer requests and contributions from experts in project management. This release continues to highlight Phoenix’s commitment to the project schedulers with tools built specifically for you. This new release features many improvements, but we’d like to highlight: Multiple Calendars for Greater Project Scheduling Flexibility 6x Speed Improvement on Larger Schedules Revised tool dialogs to improve workflow If you are a Phoenix user with a current maintenance agreement, you’ve already been upgraded to Phoenix 3.0 at no cost. Log in to your customer dashboard to download the latest version. If you do not have a current maintenance agreement, update your maintenance through the customer dashboard now for only $150 per year for Phoenix Express, and $350 per year for Phoenix Professional, and receive your upgrade to Phoenix 3...

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Phoenix Featured by Mark Infanti of the EVM Blog

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“If [Suretrak and P3] are tools that you have used and wish to replace, or are looking for a fully capable scheduling tool, check out Phoenix Project Manager (  This is a very handsome product with the look and feel of P3 for a lot less money.” Read More

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Phoenix Project Manager 2.1.5 Released

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Phoenix Project Manager version 2.1.5 has been released for both Windows and Mac OS platforms. This maintenance release makes improvements to the Microsoft Project XML/MPX import/export system, resolves an issue with duplicate activity codes when importing from P3/Suretrak on Windows, and incorporates an additional step in the file management process to avoid potential data loss in a rare case. Additionally, the internet activation process for the Mac OS platform has been unified with our Windows activation service, and will no longer use a different product key. The customer dashboard will now display a single product key for both versions. Download a 30 day trial, or visit the customer dashboard to download the latest version if you are an existing...

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