Phoenix Hotfix

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Phoenix is a hotfix that addresses an issue with some users seeing a “Missing Product Key” dialog box. Only users experiencing this issue need to update from There are no other changes from

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What’s New in Phoenix 4.8.3

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Phoenix 4.8.3 is a regular maintenance and feature release that incorporates several fixes and feature additions. Features Better support for super high resolution displays. Remaining Duration and Original Duration linking behavior for unstarted activities is now configurable in the Calculations dialog. You can now configure whether or not some footer information is shown in printouts (such as the run date and filename). Other miscellaneous bug fixes and performance...

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What’s New in Phoenix 4.8.2

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Phoenix 4.8.2 is a regular maintenance and feature release that incorporates several fixes and feature additions. Features You can now export per-activity graph data. Previous versions of Phoenix allowed you to export the graph data to an Excel spreadsheet but only the combined values of all activities was exported. You can now see the individual data for each activity along with a total at the bottom. You can use this to, for example, see a timeline of resource usage for each activity. You can now optionally apply the currently active filters to reports. Mac OS X only: Greatly improved retina support. Other miscellaneous bug fixes and performance...

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What’s New in Phoenix 4.8.1

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Phoenix 4.8.1 is a regular maintenance and feature release that incorporates several fixes and feature additions. Features Bulk importing for P3 and SureTrak schedules. Many users of Phoenix are migrating from legacy software but have a lot of projects they need to import. We’ve made it easy to get everything into Phoenix projects. You can import roughly 30 moderately sized schedules per minute when using the conversion server (and over 500 per minute when doing a local import!). Initial support for importing and exporting of resources with XER files. Because Phoenix resources are designed to be easier to use not everything can match when importing and exporting resources. Use Help > Send Feedback to let us know how it is working for you and what you are looking forward to us supporting in the future. Detailed List Enhancement: The exported non-working repeating-forever calendar day definitions range for XER files is three times as big. Non-working day definitions which aren’t repeating-forever are always included even if they fall outside the range. Enhancement: Much faster loop-checking. Enhancement: You can now specify whether remaining and original durations are linked for unstarted activities in XER exports. Enhancement: You can now rearrange the available filters list. Enhancement: Increased the speed of XER imports further (roughly 1 second for a 5000 activity schedule). Enhancement: Renumbering while in Network Diagram now uses a top-left to bottom-right network ordering instead of just using the Barchart ordering. Changed: Include the default filters in projects imported from P3/SureTrak. Changed: Hammocks no longer have logic retaining relationships generated. Changed: Actual dates now override calculated dates for Hammocks. Changed: Changing a finish date in the activity editor for an in-progress activity now updates the Remaining Duration. Fixed: Importing layouts or storepoints from a schedule which is open in another instance of Phoenix now works. Fixed: Old projects with resource columns now open correctly. Fixed: Sorting by Actual Duration now works correctly. Fixed: Activity code assignments imported from XER files were not coming in properly. Fixed: Right side footer logos are working again. Fixed: Bar text is now draw on a white background again for legibility. Fixed: Pasted activities now always bring along their codes even if a code with that name already exists. Fixed: Creating storepoints could sometimes cause a program shutdown when comparisons were being used. Fixed: Extremely rare bug that could occur only when all columns were deleted and all codes were hidden. Fixed: Update on schedule now sets Actual Duration as expected rather than requiring a reschedule to update...

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What’s New in Phoenix 4.8

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What’s New in Phoenix 4.8

Phoenix 4.8 is a large maintenance and feature release that incorporates many new features and fixes. Features A powerful, new Timescaled Graph Builder has been added. Using it you can create histograms and curves of almost any data your schedule contains including resource, cost, and durations. We’ve also included the ability to export all the graph data as an Excel spreadsheet. You can even build custom graphs from any column data. We are excited to see what you can come up with. This feature replaces and extends the functionality which was found in the Resource Utilization Graph. Greatly improved Microsoft Project XML import and export. Summary tasks now import from Project as Activity Codes (and vice versa). Feature Preview: We’ve added the ability to send P3 and Suretrak schedules to a conversion server for remote importing. This means importing your legacy schedules will now work on modern versions of Windows and even on Phoenix for Mac OS X. This feature is currently in beta. Detailed List Feature: Add Calculations dialog to configure the way certain fields are computed. For now only Cost to Date is included but more options will be added going forward. Feature: Add Completed Finish column to get in-progress completed work date (useful for graphing actual data fields). Feature: Add Remaining Current Start, Remaining Early Start, and Remaining Late Start columns to get in-progress unfinished work date (useful for graphing remaining data fields). Feature: Add an option to export cost information as a Lump Sum resource in XER files. Enhancement: When generating short names for XER activities codes try to use the name up to the first non-alphanumeric character (e.g., “BLK” for “BLK – Blank”). Enhancement: Make comparisons use uniquely generated colors by default. Enhancement: Make the keyboard Insert button insert an unrelated activity. Enhancement: Relax restriction on changing Remaining Duration for unstarted activities. Enhancement: Build Activity Code structure from MS XML outline activities. Enhancement: Clean up old auto-save files. Enhancement: Always use compression to limit the size of auto-saves. Enhancement: More resilient error handling while opening projects. Enhancement: Faster opening of Phoenix projects. Enhancement: Speed up drawing program-wide. Enhancement: Wider calendar selector. Change: Relaxed restriction on Remaining Duration for Hammocks. Change: Provide option to add Phoenix shortcut to Desktop in Windows installer. Change: Take into account the data date while determining Actual Duration. Actual Duration no longer draws passed the Data Date in Retained Logic. Fixed: Properly handle when an activity code has been deleted but a filter criteria based on the code remains. Fixed: More robust handling of errors during file saving. Fixed: Use end-date style date formatting for finish constraint dates in XER export. Fixed: Don’t export lump sum activities to UNIT SDEF record. Fixed: Use correct calendars for activities while importing from MS XML. Fixed: Convert legacy character encoding of XER files to Unicode while importing. Fixed: Fix unusual behavior of radio buttons in Scheduling Options dialog. Fixed: Don’t attempt to calculate As Late As Possible dates for completed activities. Fixed: Don’t attempt to calculate As Late As Possible activities forever if there is a logical loop. Fixed: More robust error handling and faster execution while saving relationships. Fixed: Don’t draw hidden timescale tiers on printouts. Fixed: Better handling of multiple blank activity codes during XER import. Fixed: More thorough handling of...

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What’s New in Phoenix 4.5.8

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Phoenix 4.5.8 is a regular maintenance and feature release that incorporates several fixes and feature additions. Features An As Late As Possible constraint type has been added. As Late As Possible constraints will push any activity out as far as it can go without affecting its successors. Cost To Complete column has been added. Send Feedback has been added to the Help menu to make it easy to send your questions, ideas, or issues about Phoenix. You can send application logs and schedules along with your message. Detailed List Enhancement: Both Activity Codes and WBS are imported from XER files instead of just one or the other. Enhancement: Opening a project is now faster and uses less memory. Fixed: Sporadic crash when changing Page Layout or Page Setup from within the Print Preview screen. Fixed: Properly draw timescale on multipage width printouts. Fixed: A problem that prevented Phoenix from staying activated in some rare situations. Fixed: Ignore empty Activity Code values. Fixed: Percents in User Defined Fields were displayed as 100 times larger than they should be in the columns. Fixed: Rare crashes that could occur with schedules imported from XER files. Fixed: WBS assignments from P3/Suretrak imports now use the full WBS chain rather than just the final WBS node. Fixed: Internet Activations can still occur even if an ISP has amended the HTTP response from the Activation Server in-flight (very rare). Fixed: Application logs now always use the process name in the filename. Fixed: Better logging of project save failures. Fixed: Better logging of activation failures. Fixed: Recreate activation data if a problem is detected. Fixed: Better handle calendars with no name or duplicate names during P3/Suretrak import. Fixed: Ignore relationships to non-existent activities in MPX and MSXML imports. Fixed (Mac OS X only): Page Setup and Page Layout now work as expected from the Print Preview. Update (2014-Jul-21): We’ve released to address some minor, rare issues. This is not a critical...

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What’s New in Phoenix 4.5.7

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Phoenix 4.5.7 is a regular maintenance and feature release that incorporates several fixes and feature additions. Features Renumber is now much more powerful. Choose to either renumber all activities or just the selected activities. Enter a template id to base the renumbering upon allowing you to quickly add or change prefixes and suffixes to your ids. Activity Code XER Import/Export is now fully implemented. Detailed List Enhancement: Reorganized Format Columns to better fit low resolution displays. Enhancement: Group By Activity Codes auto-layout for Network Diagram now generates more compact, useful layouts. Enhancement: Import/Export Physical Percent Complete in XER files. Enhancement: Added a tip to Code Library to explain where you can reorder the code display order. Enhancement: Added example Lookahead filter to the default filters added to new schedules. Enhancement: Don’t mark Hammocks as critical. Fixed: Showing hundreds of years on the timescale could cause Phoenix to shut down. Fixed: Update checks were not functioning properly in 4.5.6. Fixed: Don’t set hammock actual dates automatically when remaining duration is zero. Fixed: Network line labels were sometimes not properly aligned. Fixed: Resource allocations would sometimes be made smaller during a save/open cycle. Fixed: Show error message when XER file cannot be written to. Fixed: Ensure activity is visible when selecting next activity. Fixed: Strip hours from imported data dates. Fixed: Use empty fields for XER export when late dates haven’t been calculated. Update: A critical hotfix for activity code value renaming has been released as version Update (Mac OS X only): A hotfix for a program shutdown has been released as version Update (Windows only): A hotfix for missing file has been released as version Update (Mac OS X only): A hotfix for a program shutdown affecting older OS X hardware has been released as version Critical Update (Mac OS X only): A hotfix corruption when saving a compressed schedule has been released as version All OS X users should upgrade...

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What’s New in Phoenix 4.5.6

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Phoenix 4.5.6 is a regular maintenance and feature release that incorporates several fixes and feature additions. Features High DPI Displays are now supported properly throughout Phoenix on Windows (OS X retina support coming soon). This is of particular usefulness with Microsoft Surface tablets where the extremely high resolution would result in small, difficult to use items in the user interface. Now Phoenix scales the user interface so things are roughly the same size regardless of your screen resolution. Real Zooming is now done in both Barchart and Network Diagram views. Prior to this if you zoomed in or out in Barchart view only the timescale would be affected. Now when you zoom in and out the entire columns and activity diagram are zoomed too. Network Diagram is also scaled uniformly whereas before it would only scale certain parts of the activity diagram. You can still stretch the timescale independently by clicking and dragging it as you could before. Footer Description Formatting Options have been greatly expanded. You can now change the font, color, horizontal and vertical alignment of the description. Detailed List Enhancement: Better tolerance of bad activity code numbers from P3/Suretrak imports. Enhancement: Increased drawing speed for columns and activity diagram. Enhancement: Better color select button (Mac OS X only). Enhancement: Faster logging. Enhancement: Various stability improvements. Enhancement: More accurate rendering at the pixel level. Enhancement: Improved rendering of right-aligned column text. Enhancement: Toggle buttons look nicer (OS X only). Fixed: Sort Dialog was not showing current sort. Fixed: Update URL is now properly formatted (Mac OS X only). Fixed: /PRODUCTID= installation option now works on systems that have never had Phoenix installed before (Windows only). Fixed: Improved stability of User Defined Fields editor. Update: We released to address an issue with scrolling to the bottom of the schedule on high DPI displays that was discovered shortly after the release of 4.5.6. Update: We released to address an issue with zoomed timescale rendering, a performance regression, and miscellaneous other changes shortly after the release of Update: We released for Mac OS X only to address an issue with the product version number being...

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What’s new in Phoenix 4.5

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Phoenix 4.5 is a larger than usual maintenance and feature release that incorporates many fixes and feature additions. Features User Defined Fields are now supported for activities. Need to attach custom data to activities? You can now add User Defined Fields and attach any sort of data you want to your activities. You can find the User Defined Field Library in the Info menu and the User Defined Field editor in the View menu or by clicking the toolbar button. Copy Cells To can be used by right clicking an activity column and selecting a destination cell from the context menu. This can be used to quickly populate information from one column to another and works with the new User Defined Fields columns. Data for all activities selected will be copied so you can bulk transfer data between columns without hassle. Resource Columns have been added to give you column access to the full set of resource data. Status on Master scheduling behavior is now configurable. Should the data date push out activities or not? Want to see what the project would look like if you scheduled without actual dates and instead used just the scheduling logic? View the project scheduled without constraints in effect? You now have the ability to configure scheduling to match how you want it to work. Interruptible Durations are now available as a scheduling option. UUIDs (universally unique identifiers) are now used for Activities. This allows better tracking of activity history and easier interconnectivity. Comparisons can now be made even if you’ve renumbered your activities. A UUID column is also now available to view an activity’s UUID. Support bar necking and showing non-work dates on a per activity basis. Mac OS X only: We’ve extended the Excel spreadsheet exporting support previously only available to Phoenix Project Manager running on Windows to OS X. OS X users can now export your schedule to an Excel spreadsheet. Just go to Tools > Export > Excel and choose a filename. Both .xls and .xlsx are supported. Changes Many of the underlying systems used by Phoenix have been updated to broadly improve stability and performance. OS X in particular should be more stable and have fewer issues. Detailed List Enhancement: Added Critical Path column. Enhancement: Hammocks now export as Level of Effort activities in XER files. Enhancement: Level of Effort activities now import as Hammocks in XER files. Enhancement: Go to greater lengths to repair invalid relationships coming in from P3. Enhancement: WBS imported from XER files now match the ordering declared. Enhancement: General improvements to the look and feel of Network Diagram. Enhancement: Network Diagrams with activity codes now render much faster. Enhancement: Import PR_[F/S][F/S]1 relationships in XER imports. Enhancement: Added column to show whether an activity’s Cost To Date is Calculated or manually specified. Enhancement: Use file locking to prevent overwriting changes when a schedule is opened in more than one place simultaneously. Changed: Fixed point arithmetic is now used to avoid rounding errors in currency calculations. Changed: Excel export now outputs an extra worksheet for each storepoint with one relationship per row for easier data access. Changed: Mac OS X now uses larger icons in the toolbar to fit in better with OS X style guidelines. Changed: Mac OS X now uses Cocoa instead of...

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Changes in Phoenix 4.2

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Phoenix 4.2 is a routine maintenance release that addresses a couple of minor issues and adds new functionality. Features You can now export your schedule to an Excel spreadsheet. Just go to Tools > Export > Excel and choose a filename. Both .xls and .xlsx are supported. Buttons for Schedule Now and Filters have been added to the toolbar for easier access. Changes Phoenix will now try to automatically restart the third-party Btrieve engine used by SureTrak and P3 when it occasionally freezes up while importing a schedule into Phoenix. Prior to this users had to restart it themselves. The backward scheduling pass (float calculations) has been optimized and now runs more quickly. Non-driving Retained Logic relationships are no longer drawn. Fixes Status-on-Master no longer uses retained logic...

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